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This vertical reflow machine is perfect for prototyping and pilot production lines. This machine combines flexibility with accurate and repeatable performance. It plugs into a standard 120 VAC outlet so it can be used where you need it.


The proprietary 360° convection nozzle delivers precise PID controlled hot air to your device. The temperature is programmable up to 300° C and is maintained within 1° of the setpoint. A pair of independently programmable centering clamps close to consistently center your device in the nozzle to ensure even heat distribution. Precise position and speed control round out the features that ensure repeatable results.


A 7” color touch screen offers intuitive control. From the main screen, users can easily home, and adjust all process parameters. Selectable operator mode locks out process parameters for error-free operation and a more streamlined start-stop workflow. The heater automatically starts at the beginning of a cycle and shuts down at the end. This reduces power consumption and eliminates heating the room.


The vertical reflow machine stands at 7’ tall and takes up only 2’ x 2’ of floor space. Yet it can process catheters up to 170 cm long. For shorter catheters, the spring-loaded catheter clamp can be lowered to ease loading.

Catheter Reflow and Lamination Machine

    • Heat range: ambient to 300°C
    • Temperature accuracy: +/- 3° C
    • Catheter Reflow length: 170 cm (std length machine)
    • Catheter Reflow length: 200 cm (ext length machine)
    • Catheter size: 20 Fr max (12mm Nozzle)
    • Catheter size: 40 Fr max (15mm Nozzle)
    • No. of programmable zones: 20
    • Speed range: 3 - 3000 mm/min
    • Machine Height: 7' (std length machine)
    • Machine Height: 8' (ext length machine)
    • Clamp Height: 81" - 60" (std length machine)
    • Clamp Height: 93" - 60" (ext length machine)
    • Power requirements: 120 VAC, 13 amps (1600 W)
  • Watch the setup video here.

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