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The easiest way to power a stepper motor is with this Mini Stepper Driver. Just hook up the 4 stepper motor wires to the screw terminals, plug in the included 12V adapter, and go! All the electronics are housed in a compact 3D printed case.


Press the knob down to turn on the stepper motor and adjust the speed with the knob while it's running. Press the knob down again to stop the motor and de-energize it. The set speed will be maintained as long as there is power to the driver. The direction can be changed with the rocker switch.


There's a screw terminal for easy hookup to your stepper motor wires. One pole hooks up to the left two terminals (A1 and A2) and the other pole to the right two terminals (B1 and B2). It doesn't matter which pole goes where. The polarity of the wires doesn't matter either. You can find which pairs of wires belong to a pole by checking for continuity between them. Or you can short two wires in your hand and spin the motor shaft by hand. If you feel extra resistance when the wires are shorted, you found a pole!


Stepper motor not included. You get the driver and the 12V, 2A power supply. 

Mini Stepper Driver

    • RPM range - 1 to 300 RPM (for typical 200 step/rev motors)
    • Motors sizes - Nema 17 or Nema 23
    • Motor drrive current - 0.75 A (adjustable up to 1.4 A)
    • Input voltage range - 6 to 24 VDC
    • Size - 2.86" long x 2.07"wide  x 1.57" tall (to top of knob)

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